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Old AP Exams and Solutions Link Page

Below are links to old AP Exams and Solutions on AP Central, the CollegeBoard website.

AP Course Home Page Index (All Subjects). 1) Click on the subject.

Old AP Exam Page Index (All Subjects). 1) Click on the subject. 2) If the old AP Exams are not at the bottom of the page, find the link towards the bottom of the page "Past AP (Subject) Exams".

Direct link to the old AP Written Exams 1999-2013 page. Scroll to bottom of page for tests and solutions (scoring guidelines).

Direct link to the Released 1994 & 1999 AP Exams, including Multiple Choice.

Other Released AP Exams are usually available at AP Central's Store (2002 & 2008)! Lab manuals are also available.

AP Central Home Page

AP Central Store (search AP Chemistry)




SAT II Subject Tests: Link to Practice Tests for all subjects.




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